Monday, February 10, 2014

Student Treasure Books

All Writers...
As you know, we are working on completing our Student Treasure Books.  I am sure that you have seen some of these papers come home...if not be on the look out for them.  This is an exciting program that allows our students to publish their writing into a hard bound book.  The kids have been working hard on them and I am excited to see the finished products.  

Here are just a few reminders:

  • Edited and Revised Draft is due 2-12-14
  • Final Draft Written in the Book is due 2-14-14
  • Illustrations and Book Cover is due 2-19-14
  • Completed Book is due 2-20-14
Order forms are coming home today.  Remember...everyone gets ONE FREE COPY!  The order form is only if you want more than one copy.  IMPORTANT...even if you don't want an extra copy you need to return the order form.  Just simply put a check mark in the box that says "No" and sign the bottom of the form.  You don't need to fill in any of the other information unless you are ordering another copy.  

Thank you for all of your support with this at home.  With all of the snow days and delays we would never have completed this project on time.  

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