Friday, February 21, 2014

Have you read at home today?

Reading Calendar Data...

Every month the kids are supposed to record how much they are reading at home.  Our goal is that we will each read at least 420 minutes a month.  This is really important.  Research shows us that students who read more outside of school do better on achievement tests.  
So How Are We Doing...

If you take a look at the graph, each number across the bottom represents a student.  Along the left had side we have the number of minutes read.  The yellow line in the middle represents the goal line (420 minutes).  We have been collecting this data for 5 months now.  Each student should have 5 dots above their number.  The numbers are kept private so the kids only know their number.  Have them tell you what their number is.

So...if we take a look at January (purple dots), only 56% of our class turned in their reading logs.  44% of our class meet the goal of 420 minutes in January.  

Let's see if we can increase the amount of reading we are doing at home.  Don't forget that the February Reading Log is due on February 28th.  

If you have misplaced yours please click on this link to print a new one.   
February Reading Log

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