Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hoosier Walk of Fame Update

Due dates for our Hoosier Walk of Fame Projects are fast approaching.  Please look over the following information to help you finish them up! 

Presentation Dress Rehearsal
On May 22nd and 23rd we will be doing practice runs of our presentations.  Please bring all costumes and props for the run through.  I will be grading their projects on these days.  Below you will see the day that the kids signed up to do their run through.  If you are using any props or costumes, I would encourage you to keep them at school after the run throughs so that they will be ready for the following week.  

How will the kids be graded? 
The kids will be receiving two grades for this project; one for social studies and one for listening and speaking.  The social studies grade will be based on the slide show that the students create.  The listening and speaking grade will be based on their oral presentation.   Please don't forget that the kids can access their slideshow and research on google docs.  You do not need to download the google chrome app.  You can just open google form any browser.  The kids will just need to log in.  They can work on their projects at home if they need some more time.  

Slideshow Presentation Scale

Listening and Speaking Rubric

 Hoosier Walk of Fame Invite
Please feel free to join us at our Walk of Fame on May 29th and 30th.  The kids would love for everyone to attend.

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