Monday, April 21, 2014

Extra! Extra! Read All About it!

Planning a Trip this Summer?

Have you thought about staying in Indiana?

This past month our writing goal was to create high interest list articles.  Our class has been working hard to create list articles about famous Indiana Landmarks.  In this project our main goal was to work on writing...but along the way we have learned so much more.  We looked carefully at magazines and their page layouts.  We learned how to create page layouts of our own using the program Pages.  We also had to do a little research about our Indiana landmarks before we could start writing.  We learned a little more about collecting research in Google Docs and organizing the information we found.  This project helped us learn more about Indiana...which is part of our 4th grade social studies standards.  It took a lot of hard work...but the end products were amazing.  I am really proud of my class and all of their hard work!

We wanted to share what we learned with our community.  We found a spot outside the office that we could hang up our articles for the whole school to read.  Even visitors to the school can read our articles while waiting in the office.  We have even placed copies of our articles in the magazine file so that people are able to take copies home to help them plan their vacations this summer.  So...the next time you walk into the school feel free to take one of our articles.  We hope they help you plan a great summer vacation.

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